My January Words

Once of my aims of the new year was to write a line a day. Last year my friend gave me a ‘Line a Day’ journal and I did use it for a while, but in the style of a diary, so inevitably I stopped updating it regularly. So this year I looked at it again and thought it would be much better to just write words, thoughts, feelings, musings or whatever comes to mind.

Winter Views  - Jan 2019
Winter Window Views

Looking at my January lines I decided to combine them, as there seemed to be a flow and connection between them all. So here they are.

20th to 31st January 2019

With the night sky bright, a magic rises.
Luna she calls to me.
Open your eyes and ease your heart, she whispers.

Under the cloud the air hangs heavy.
As the moon guides above, hear the call
of the wolf and the droplets of blood.

Outside exposed, the snow melts, as soon as it lands.
Sunlight blinds, a mirror on the water’s surface.
As the tide spills out steadily, a journey off island.

Travel, un-noticing, autopilot, lost in the masses.
Friends, who know, my heart. Amongst the crowds.
The light shines on the fields, family views. It is different now.

The hills have grown since the last time. Heavy, white and silent.
Sun setting, blinding. Heading home, my heart, sighs, to hear
sands singing. Snow dusts the land.

The cold wind numbs, ears tingling and eyes bright.